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Le Trianon, AKA Where the American Friends of the Louvre Event Takes Place Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 9 The American Friends of the Louvre fundraiser takes place in a beautiful location that is sneakily a combination of two different spots: the Monnaie de Paris is used as an establishing shot, whereas the gorgeous interior is Le Trianon, an event space that you can actually rent for your own bougie parties… that is if you have over 12k to spare Emily Lily Collins cannot speak French
She does not understand the language of the people, but it does not scare her J'ai de bonnes nouvelles pour toi! Like Younger, this is a story about a pretty and energetic woman trying to navigate a job she feels like she might not be ready for, and gradually winning everyone over with her charm

And if people doubt her at the beginning, they won't for long.

Emily In Paris: 5 Of The Worst Things Emily Did (& 5 Times She Wasn’t That Bad)
Photo by on La Monnaie de Paris, AKA The Fashion Show Venue for Grey Space That Pierre Cadault Crashes Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 10 While we see the Monnaie de Paris as an establishing shot for the American Friends of the Louvre fashion show, this location really shines in the final episode when its courtyard is used as the Fashion Week show venue for Grey Space, which is of course hijacked by Pierre Cadault
Emily in Paris Season 2
There, she struggles to succeed in the workplace while searching for love and experiencing a culture clash with her "boring" and mundane Midwestern U
Emily in Paris
She is aware of Emily's association with Pierre Cadault and asks if Pierre might be willing to donate a dress to be auctioned at AFL's fundraising benefit
While fans are confused about how someone who is just 22 years old could have so much experience and knowledge in the field, they can commend her on owning her independence Filming for the first season of the series which it is scheduled to do again despite the pandemic , with additional scenes
She made Emily's job as a glorified babysitter much harder than expected Netflix announced the renewal via a tongue-in-cheek letter from Emily's French boss, Sylvie Grateau, to her American boss, Madeline Wheeler played by Kate Walsh

NEXT: Lynn is a nomad who travels the globe on the hunt for her next adventure with her husband.

Emily in Paris Season 2: Everything We Know So Far
Cafe Deux Stations, AKA Where Mindy Expresses Her Hatred for Fashion Week Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 10 This is the crowded cafe at the start of Season 1 Epsode 10 of Emily in Paris, where Mindy is complaining about Fashion Week
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Social media influencers were covering their eyes when Emily went to an influencer's gathering in "Faux Amis
Emily in Paris Season 2
RELATED: But when competing designers Grey Space outbid others for the dress and blast it with paint, Emily and Pierre are both humiliated
However, he insults her by telling her Swan Lake is a ballet for tourists Check out our guide to
Instead, she expects all of her co-workers to speak English around her When Emily is sent to Paris for her job, she too is overwhelmed

Now, where is Season 2?! There seems to be very little to bring people to her account, and her photos are often painfully generic, with dull captions, and yet she is just racking up the followers.

Review: 'Emily In Paris' : NPR
Place Saint Georges, AKA Where Emily Walks When She Sees the Poster for Swan Lake Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 6 The pretty square that Emily is walking through while sipping Starbucks near the end of Episode 6 is Place Saint Georges
Emily in Paris Season 2
You can see the bakery behind Camille here: EMILY IN PARIS L to R CAMILLE RAZAT as CAMILLE in episode 105 of EMILY IN PARIS Cr
Emily in Paris Locations in Paris: EVERY Street, Café, Landmark & More!
Production companies involved with the series were slated to consist of