جايسون موموا. جايسون موموا

He is a fan of and has noted that he "build[s] [his] characters off of metal songs" Schwartz, Terri February 26, 2014
Kroll, Justin February 14, 2019 It premiered at the in April 2014

Goldberg, Lesley July 10, 2018.

معلومات عن جايسون موموا ديانته عمره زوجته أولاده الأفلام
He also appeared in the teaser for "Scary Little Green Men" by from his album
جايسون موموا:140 غرزة في وجهه غيّرت حياته...وتزوّج من حب طفولته!
Momoa gained his role of on HBO's through his audition, in which he performed a , one of many intimidating dances traditionally used to convey a challenge to an opponent, or a welcome to a visitor
Jason Momoa
The film stars Momoa, , , , and
Momoa played the character in a leading role in the 2017 Through his marriage to Bonet, Momoa is the stepfather to , Bonet's daughter with ex-husband, musician
Their second child, a son, was born in December 2008 In February 2015, it was announced that he would portray a in the drama thriller film The Bad Batch

He received approximately 140 stitches during and the scar through his left eyebrow is apparent in his later work.

جايسون مومو
Ford, Rebecca; Kit, Borys June 16, 2014
كل ما تريد معرفته عن الفيلم المنتظر Aquaman 2 لـ جايسون موموا
He first played the role in a cameo in the superhero film , marking Aquaman's live action theatrical debut
He also reprised this role in