Sinister. How to use in a sentence

Lambie, Ryan September 25, 2012 Normally I am very careful before I ascribe such sinister motives to a government agency
A quick Google search reveals that several conspiracy web sites allege sinister motivations behind this conference It's blue, master, with a red stripe sinister, and a yellow emblem on the dexter side

You will know better than me, of course, but does not the French use of "gauche" include the English meaning? The figure watched them go and dematerialized into the wind once again with a sinister laugh.

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Sinister (2012)
Be careful what you ask for - the lesson of great horror
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What he sees or does
The first part of the film is Ellison sitting in his study in the dark watching these gruesome murders I always thought allotment owners grew nothing more sinister than King Edwards, Savoy cabbages or rhododendrons
The new footage depicts the missing children coming onscreen following each murder, revealing themselves to be the killers under Bughuul's influence In this they just don't

Somewhat sadly, he has worked himself into a niche for eccentric bad guys whose haphazard oddness makes them sinister.

Sinister (film)
Show More Sentences This sinister purpose, explained the report, was effected by crosscutting between a general's party and a buck private on KP duty
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Ethan Hawke plays a true-crime novelist on the fringe of becoming a has-been
Sinister (2012)
In the commentary the director refers to European bands I never heard of - nor could I find any reference
Instead it's a candid admission he once lived the furtive lifestyle of a sinister international beer villain Ellison also learns that a child from each family went missing following every murder
During the day he may be involved in strong-arming some thug or some sinister plot Spitefully, Madame Defarge replies that she has indeed observed Lucie and makes a sinister gesture miming the guillotine

It's 30 miles upriver to the falls and, as we tunnel deeper into the Devil's Canyon, the river becomes slowly more sinister, wreathed with mist olive green.

For supporters, she used the crowned lion of England on the dexter side, and on the sinister, the wyvern Vert of Portugal
Sinister (film)
Democrats, for their part, have invested Norquist with sinister dark powers of obstructionism
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Even for those not aware that it refers originally to Vivaldi and his carroty hair, there is the vaguely sinister implication of subversive politics at work