You want it darker. Leonard Cohen

That he was ready, consider "Treaty", consider "I'm Ready, My Lord He told us the time had come and so it has
How I wish I'd written him of this The popular narrative is one of a conflicted and, perhaps, jaded faith

It is a great great gift to his fans and to the Lord of Song.

You Want It Darker; an analysis
What a fantastic album from the master! He was well educated but discovered poetry is the hardest art
You Want It Darker
I'm gonna tell a few stories
You Want It Darker; an analysis
All the Cohen songs you ever loved were glorious testimony to being alive - at whatever stage on the road
I don't understand those who wrote "not his best" At times, it seems that God is the one who is directly causing David to suffer see v
I am ready to die But unlike the many - he fought on

After coming to terms with the ghosts in his past and his acceptance of mortality, emits a resilient flicker of hope for total reconciliation in the shadows.

Wrestling With God: Leonard Cohen’s You Want it Darker
I heard the title track for the first time in my friend's car and was deeply moved by it
You want it darker
He was the paladin of life's emotions
Wrestling With God: Leonard Cohen’s You Want it Darker
Cohen, of course, is aware of this precedent, and sees himself as an extension of ancient voices who long ago asked questions that could not be answered