Superpharm. Leumi will acquire 18% of Superpharm for NIS190 million

This brand includes more than 400 different products from toiletries, to medicine, to food products Two years later, they opened a second pharmacy in ; 1985 saw the opening of a Super-Pharm branch in the , which was their first location in a
As of 2011, the chain operates 33 branches throughout the country

Koncepcja marki Super-Pharm opiera się na unikalnym połączeniu trzech działów: apteki, drogerii i perfumerii w jednym miejscu.

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In April 2019, Union Group headed by the Horesh family bought approximately 34% of Super-Pharm from the present investors Leumi Investments, Discount Investments and Leon Koffler
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The Leumi Board of Directors today approved the transaction for acquiring 18% of the Superpharm Group for a consideration of approx: NIS190 million
Following the signing of a business combination agreement, SuperPharm became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Agostini's Limited group of companies effective July 1st 2010 Co-founded with his son Leon and daughter Theo
The completion of the deal is subject to receipt of all the required authorizations Eksperckie doradztwo to znak firmowy Super-Pharm

In July 2007, acquired 18% stake in for 190 million.

Theo Koffler, co-founder and VP, focused on the cosmetic marketing and strategic operational planning
Leumi will acquire 18% of Superpharm for NIS190 million
Leon Koffler serving as the company chairperson
A large assortment of convenience grocery and other items saves shoppers' time and our helpful pharmacists are always on hand to offer professional counselling and advice to customers and patients